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CRES Cleaning Glove

The CRES Cleaning Glove is made from a self-developed material: corrosion resistant steel, or stainless steel wool spun into a yarn.  The spun wool is then crocheted into an ambidextrous three-fingered glove that remains relatively soft to the touch or can be used with a rubber glove.
The glove features different grits for various cleaning needs.  The CRES wearable cleaning tool allows for a more efficient, thorough, clean and allows you to more easily clean in corners and tight areas.

Corrosion resistant steel (CRES) is long-lasting and is an upcycled material as it is a waste product common in the steel industry.  Additionally, stainless steel has odor-eliminating properties, particularly for common kitchen odors such as fish, garlic, and onions making it an ideal material for cleaning in the kitchen.